Temperature Mapping

ISO 17025: 2017 Accredited temperature mapping of chilled, ambient, warehouse storage and production areas.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping of chilled, ambient storage and production areas.

Temperature mapping of chilled storage areas with racking

What do we map?

We use our calibration knowledge and experience to offer a simple and competitive mapping solution for;

  • Storage rooms
  • Temperature controlled warehouses
  • Cold rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Laboratories

Our mapping process is accredited to ISO 17025:2017 standard and our mapping equipment is maintained with UKAS accredited calibration.

As our equipment is wireless, so all areas, of any size, can be mapped simply, cost effectively and in real-time. We analyse the collected data, develop reports, prepare protocols and undertake ongoing routine temperature mapping.​

Temperature mapping sensor grid layout

What is temperature mapping?

Influences such as weather, stock holding, door openings and movement change the efficiency of refrigeration systems. This creates natural variants within a temperature-controlled area.

Temperature mapping shows variances over time allowing for corrective action planning, thus helping to remove risks to products.

Mapping reports provide a full overview of temperature over time allowing identification of areas of concern. To meet compliance, the report highlights these areas so the minimum standard can be met.

Temperature mapping

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